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10 kiwi benefits you should know

10 beneficios del kiwi que debes conocer

10 преимуществ киви, которые вы должны знать


Kiwi is one of those tropical and refreshing fruits that are always very appetizing: whether for breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon snack or dessert after lunch or dinner. With a sweet taste and a very colorful appearance, the kiwi is a fruit that combines very well with many others (it is common to see it in fruit salads, cakes and smoothies) and also has many beneficial properties for the body.

The kiwi is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C) and in mineral salts, so it helps maintain a good general state of health. Besides containing very few calories, its richness in fiber and water (almost 90% of its composition) helps in improving intestinal transit, so it is effective to combat constipation, eliminate accumulated fluids and lose weight. Other benefits of this fruit go further: it strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, helps the body absorb iron better … it even serves to filter the sun’s rays and to protect the skin from its harmful effects in summer!

Originally from a valley in China and cultivated massively in New Zealand, kiwi is a tasty fruit that may be slightly acidic if it is not fully ripe. Kiwis grow in clusters, in climbing plants adapted to generally temperate climates. The kiwi is a very affordable fruit that can be found in supermarkets practically at any time of year and that can be taken in numerous ways.

You can incorporate it into yogurts and porridges, make smoothies, juices, smoothies and even ice cream by combining it with vegetable milk or other fruit or use it to give your summer salads an extra point of freshness. In addition, due to its high fiber and water content, it is a very satiating fruit, which taken between meals or fasting, will help you to keep hunger at bay.

These are all the benefits that the kiwi can bring you. Do you need more compelling reasons to include them in your diet from now on?


Combat constipation

Due to its high fiber content, kiwi is one of the most recommended fruits in cases of constipation. In addition to regulating intestinal transit, the kiwi can help you if you suffer heavy digestion. For its laxative effect to be more noticeable, it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

 Powerful antioxidant

Did you know that kiwi contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange? This vitamin is the antioxidant par excellence, which, by combating free radicals, helps to combat the effects of aging on body cells, improve defenses and prevent conditions of various kinds.

 Reduce stress

The kiwi is a fruit highly recommended in cases of nervousness or anxiety. Its content in vitamin C and magnesium helps achieve a state of relaxation and allows us to feel calmer in situations of stress. Many doctors recommend taking a kiwi before an exam, a job interview or an important meeting, in fact.

 It helps with blood circulation

Containing vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids, the kiwi fluidizes the blood, improving the general condition of the arteries and the cardiovascular system. This prevents the formation of thrombi or clots in the blood vessels and prevents angina, thrombosis or heart attacks.

 Reduce the cholesterol

Eating kiwis daily reduces the levels of triglycerides (cholesterol) in the blood. In 2011, the University of Oslo published a study in which he claimed that the kiwi is also effective in lowering blood pressure.

 Strengthens the immune system

The amount of vitamin C of the kiwis makes them effective to strengthen the immune system and protect us from infections and resfritados. The kiwi is also a source of folic acid, a compound that helps the formation of red and white blood cells, as well as antibodies.

 Protects and improves the skin

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, the kiwi promotes the formation of collagen, one of the most important components of the skin. Collagen helps keep skin healthy, firm and smooth; and their levels decrease naturally with the passage of time.

 Effective to lose weight

Much of the composition of the kiwi is water, which together with the fiber, make it a very depurative fruit while satiating. Therefore, the kiwi, with only 60 calories per unit, can be a recommended food if you want to lose weight, eliminate fluids and toxins and lose a couple of kilos.

 Decreases anemia

Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from food, so kiwi is one of the foods that doctors recommend in case of iron deficiency anemia. Taking this fruit will give you an extra energy.

 Filter the sun’s rays

The amount of vitamin C of the kiwis makes them effective to strengthen the immune system and protect us from infections and resfritados. The kiwi is also a source of folic acid, a compound that helps the formation of red and white blood cells, as well as antibodies.


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