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outdoor hairstyles / Beautiful hairstyles for outdoor fun /

Finally, you can please yourself and get out into nature! The standard hairstyle for rest is a tail, but we protest and demand to treat even this long-awaited event more responsibly. Moreover, there are a lot of styling, which do not require time, but look divine!

Hairstyle to rest: the main rules
Yes, yes, and there are rules here, but they are just different in that they will give you more relaxation. So, in order for your hairstyle to please you, it should be:

Simple performed by;

Without weighting;

Withstand all weather conditions;


Well, let’s get started?

Double punch
Concerned about the safety of hairstyles, and your plans do not include daily styling? Then make two tight pigtails and go!

And if you also want to look like a forest fairy, add color to your hair and weave flowers into your braids.

By the way, flowers are not the only thing that can be used. Any hair accessories will be in topic.

Space beams
Yes, this is the same hairstyle that will become even more beautiful from the wind! And so that you do not have to suffer every time with hair that broke loose, fasten it with braids. So your styling will become more reliable. By the way, with this hairstyle it is very comfortable to sleep in a tent, and if you decide to dissolve the curls, they will please you with volume


Multistep protection
Ideal for a date in nature. And at any festival you will immediately become queen. You will need rezinochki and a few minutes time. Do not think that this hairstyle is only for long hair: even if you have a haircut of medium length, you can experiment with variations of styling. What are we talking about, just look at it!


Curled tails
Surprisingly, we know girls who refuse to hike, because they are frightened by the need to wear a hat! Unheard of stupidity, because you can make a cool hairstyle and under this headdress. Look …

Hot hairstyle for hot days
In the summer, it is important to protect the hair from the scorching sun, and styling – from the treacherous sweat. To the end of the day your hairstyle is preserved, use a scarf. There is a hint in the photo!


Tail with braids
We have nothing against tails! But why not make it more beautiful and original?

Half hairstyles to rest
If the trip to the nature does not take a few days, then this option is quite acceptable. Boho-style, easy carelessness – all this is just the topic. And we picked up for you a few simple and convenient styling.

Romantic picnic hairstyles
Where do without romance and tenderness? Believe me, the options to show yourself in all its glory are many, choose any!