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Fashionable leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2019

Fashionable leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2019

Fashionable leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2019 . Stylish elegant leather skirts combination . leather skirt outfit ideas . are they, fashionable leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2019? ”- this question worries millions of fashionistas daily, and no wonder! Today, such a wardrobe item as a leather skirt is a trendy trend. Women of any type of figure, of any age and height can safely buy a leather skirt. You only need to correctly choose the style, color and length of the skirt, since all of the above has the ability to mask the imperfections of the figure.

Leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2019, fashionable styles and new items on the photo

Pencil skirt
The undisputed leader among the beauties is a pencil skirt. This style of skirt is very capricious and will suit young ladies with a perfect figure. By varying the height of the waist of the skirt – a pencil, it is possible to emphasize the thigh line favorably, and thanks to high-heeled shoes it is easy to achieve the effect of “legs from the ears”! This style can be called unique – it is combined with almost any top and is unlikely to go out of fashion and certainly not get bored. In addition, such a skirt will not look vulgar and you can safely wear it to the office or to a business meeting.

Sun skirt
The skirt of leather style “sun” – a sort of maiden skirt. You can draw your attention to it for young girls with the following types of figures: “hourglass”, “rectangle”, “inverted triangle”. She visually increases the hips, make them more sloping, making the silhouette more feminine. This style looks good not only in the classic black color, but also in more vivid color compositions. Fashionable advice for the most courageous – wear a silver, burgundy or golden skirt-sun, a free sweater, ankle boots with a wide shaft and a hat made of felt. Attention around you provided! Do not forget about the accessories – a small handbag, slung over the shoulder “finish” the image and make it complete.

Leather miniskirt
This skirt will not lose its charm, if only because all women love to “show” their slender legs. Especially true in the early fall! For the “mini” style there is an unspoken rule that should be strictly followed, so that those around you would not find the image tasteless or, even worse, vulgar. The “golden” rule says: “They showed the bottom – they hid the top”. T-shirts, tops, T-shirts with a short leather skirt are permissible to combine exclusively in hot weather, but at other times fashionable leather short skirt will wonderfully be in harmony with a cardigan or jacket, worn on top of a loose blouse or pullover of a calm shade. Shoes without heels would be very appropriate with this style of skirt in autumn and winter. But if a woman does not imagine her life without heels, then in this case, preference should be given to low-heeled shoes. In the summertime, lace-up sandals look perfect with a leather miniskirt, and the ankle stays closed.

Wrap leather skirt
Perhaps the most interesting and unusual skirt. Its length is ideally up to the middle of the knee. It is quite suitable for office style. In addition, this skirt will make any look playful, because when walking in such a skirt, the lady’s part will be visible. The “top” of the image should not be “flashy” – you should not wear clothes of bright shades. Ideal for a leather skirt with a smell fit shirt – shirt with a pleasant neutral color. Successfully complete such a sophisticated image of shoes with heels!



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