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Retro Hairstyle / Do you want to stand out by making a retro hairstyle for a special occasion, but do not know how? Do not worry, we will teach you! But first you need to know the rules, depending on the decade, the trend of which you will take as a basis. Starting from the 20s and ending with the 80s of the last century, women’s hairstyles were constantly changing, but they were united by one thing – brightness, originality, style and chic. Let’s try to figure it out.

Retro hairstyles: shy, or the style of the 20s
This period was marked by the desire of women for freedom and equality. Increasingly, the girls refused to have long hair, it was then that haircuts page and garson became fashionable. But no one has canceled femininity, so the beauties curled their hair, creating waves on the head. If you want to repeat this hairstyle, remember: the waves must be clear! By the way, you can do this task with hair clips.

Whether natural, or the style of the 30s
Only ten years have passed, but passions have calmed down a bit, and girls are tired of stressed aggressiveness. The waves became softer, and bangs and oblique partings came into vogue. To repeat the hairstyle of this period, remember the naturalness and make soft, but neat waves.

Retro hairstyles: Pin-up, or the style of the 40s
Oh, this giddy style of the 40s! If you are a bright girl, accustomed to shine, then this style is for you! The main rule: the presence of high beams, rollers, smooth strands or curls. No carelessness, only emphasized sexuality and elegance. By the way, pay attention that the hair color should also be bright and saturated, no half tones – if black, then blue; if red, then fiery; if the blond – something cold, like a Snow Queen.

Add volume, or style of the 50s – 60s
High and voluminous styling came into vogue, displacing the rather tired waves. It was during this period that the so popular “Babette” appeared. Also thanks to Twiggy, the girls began to cut their hair “under the boy.” To repeat the style, you can not do without a pile and rollers. A distinctive feature – try to remove the hair back to emphasize its beauty and shape of the face.

Whether free, or 70s style
Girls of this period abandoned the complex styling, preferring free and natural hairstyles. But there are still some nuances: to repeat the style of the 70s, you need perfectly smooth hair and basal volume.

Retro hairstyles: be shocking, or the style of the 80s
The main rule of this period is no rules! True, the elegance of speech did not go at all. Volume, disheveled hair, chemistry, torn haircuts – these are the images of the girls of the 80s. Well, if you want to repeat it, then we will show you how!

If you have not yet decided which retro-style is closer to you, admire examples of retro hairstyles. You will definitely be inspired!